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Our People

We're a diverse multidisciplinary team based in Tokyo, Japan with a passion for driving positive change in the industry. We work with businesses and people to create opportunities.

Senior Manager

Jyunpei Ueno

Position: Senior Manager – Finance & Accounting, S&M, HR

Profile and Experience: Jyunpei is a professional with 5 years of experience in the recruitment Industry.

Jyunpei leverages his deep knowledge in the recruitment industry to support, advise and understand both client & candidate needs, and has proven track record of properly matching client needs with spot-on candidates. By leveraging his interpersonal skills, he delivers solutions to difficult mandates while managing every parties’ expectations. Jyunpei uses a consultative approach to both his clients and candidates to understand their needs.

Background: Half Japanese, Half Ghanaian who was born and raised in Ghana. Graduated from Waseda University and joined the recruitment Industry.

Interest & Hobbies: Outside of work, Jyunpei enjoys watching and playing soccer. He also enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures.

Language: English, Japanese


Scott Morgan

​​Position: Manager – Sales & Marketing and HR

Profile and Experience: Scott is a 360 Executive recruiter with 5 years experience managing the entire recruitment lifecycle, delivering a seamless and all-encompassing service to his clients and helping people in the next stage of their career. He covers Sales, Marketing and Finance functions. With excellent interpersonal and communication skills, he believes in building lasting relationships with people on both sides of the hiring process. Scott has proven experience in finding and placing top talent, and believes in putting people first.

Background: Originally from the UK, Scott came to Japan as an English teacher. He moved into recruitment in 2016.

Interests & Hobbies: Outside of work, Scott is passionate about music, good food and wine. He also enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, and watching Liverpool FC.

Languages:  English

HR & Admin

Mayu Sai

Profile & Experience: Mayu is a HR & Sales Admin with an educational background in Linguistics and Education, and work experience in translation. Mayu is responsible for HR and Sales Administration, working closely with the Management team.

Background: Korean-Japanese, born and raised in Tokyo. Graduated from The University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Sciences and a Post-graduate diploma in Education. After finishing her studies in Canada, Mayu moved back to Japan and worked as a Japanese-English translator.

Interest and Hobbies: Mayu enjoys indoor bouldering and taking long walks in nature. She also loves to learn about different cultures especially through their cuisines.

Languages: English, Japanese, and Korean

Digital Marketing

Muskaan Wadhwa

Profile & Experience: Passionate about creativity, marketing, and strategic thinking, Muskaan is responsible for Advisory Group’s marketing and branding initiatives. With her experience in staffing and recruitment, Muskaan is well-positioned to drive creative brand promotions, develop innovative marketing strategies, and implement successful social media campaigns for the firm.

Position: Digital Marketing & Branding Specialist

Background: Originally from India, she has experience living in Delhi, Japan and Australia. She moved to Japan for her Bachelor’s and ventured into the recruitment industry after graduation.

Interests & Hobbies: Outside of work, Muskaan enjoys Charcoal painting, trying new cuisines, exploring new cafes, spending time with family & friends and watching Netflix.

Languages: English, Hindi, Japanese

Senior Advisor

Mark Yamada

Position: Senior Advisor

Profile and Experience: Mark is a seasoned account executive with over three years of experience across the tech, fintech, and consumer sectors. His expertise lies in bridging mid-level talent to executive roles, leveraging insights gained from his background in mass media and government. Mark excels in problem-solving, crafting tailored solutions for clients in finance, sales, and marketing.

Background: Raised in the Philippines with a multicultural heritage of Filipino and Japanese roots, Mark brings a unique global perspective to his work. His upbringing fosters an inclusive approach to client relationships, enhancing communication across diverse cultures.

Interests & Hobbies: Outside of work, Mark is passionate about continuous learning, dedicating his free time to studying new skills and indulging in literature. He maintains a healthy lifestyle through regular workouts. Mark’s love for strategic video games and JRPGs reflects his analytical mindset and penchant for challenges. He also enjoys building gaming PCs from scratch, showcasing his attention to detail and innovative spirit.


Naoki Takahashi

Profile and Experience: Naoki is a seasoned professional with over 6+ years in sales and 2+ years in the recruitment industry in Japan.

Background: Half Japanese and half Filipino, born in Japan and raised in California. Returning to Japan to be with his family, he embarked on a career as a tech recruiter. Having recently finished a coding bootcamp, Naoki is now focused on applying his advanced tech knowledge to enhance relationships with both candidates and clients.

Interest & Hobbies: Outside of work, Naoki enjoys visiting hot springs, travelling, and driving. Hobbies include collecting and building models, going to the gym, and spending time with his family and friends.

Languages: English/Conversational Japanese/Conversational Tagalog


Lindo Korchi

Profile & Experience: I am a sales professional with 7 years of experience in B2C sales in the USA, 4 years of marketing experience, and 3 years as a Social Media Influencer in Japan with 600K followers and 100M video views across social media.

Background: I was born in Brooklyn, New York, lived in many states throughout the country, and graduated college in Japan with a degree in International Relations. I decided to live and work in Japan due to

  1. The country’s cultural appeal and difference from the USA.
  2.  The career opportunities in Japan. With a shrinking population, many companies in Japan need strong talent. With my background in sales, marketing, management, relationship development and effective communication, I chose to bring value to the recruitment industry.

Interests & Hobbies: Watching debates on various subjects so that I can hear both sides of an argument on a given topic. Discussing current events and deep topics with friends.

Language: English

Associate Advisor

Kotaro Kamezaki

Position: Associate Advisor

Background: Half Japanese and Half Filipino, born in Japan. Went to Los Angeles to learn English and moved to the Philippines to finish his education.

Profile & Experience: Returning to Japan to get back to his roots, he embarked on a career as a Tech recruiter for IT and has now pivoted focus on Accounting and Finance recruitment.

Interest & Hobbies: Outside of work, Kotaro enjoys trying out different restaurants, and travelling. Hobbies include going to the gym, and spending time learning Japanese.

Languages: English, Japanese, Tagalog