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Advisory Group’s mission is to drive positive change to the recruitment industry and encourage companies to hire people based on their skills, experience, attitudes and potential rather than age, gender, education or career gap. We are PASSIONATE about people and we help overlooked talent to find real jobs that make a meaningful contribution. We work for the under-appreciated candidates, such as single moms, working moms, seasoned and semi-retired professionals or the unemployed.

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We see the untapped potential of Japan's high-quality workforce, including educated women, working moms, semi-retirees, and retirees. Our aim is to help overlooked talents find real jobs that make a meaningful contribution, and help them discover their purpose at work.

  • Luxury/Retail/Fashion
  • Food & Beverage, FMCG
  • Consumer goods and Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Device/Healthcare
  • IT, Pre IPO, SME, mid cap and high growth startups
  • Law firms
  • Big 4 Accounting
  • HR & Consulting
  • Advertising and branding
  • Information Technology and Digital
  • Strategy and Management Consulting
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resources & General Affairs
  • IT & Technology
  • Permanent employment (sei shain)
  • Contract employment (keiyaku shain)
  • Temp dispatch employment (haken shain)
  • Temp to perm employment (shokai yotei haken)
  • Outsourcing/B2B service agreements (gyomu itaku)

Discovery Meeting

Our advisors will either visit or call you for a detailed discussion of the hiring requirements and taking the time to carefully assess and define your staffing requirements before providing you with the multiple hiring solutions we offer.

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Screening & Shortlist

Within 48-72 hours after the discovery meeting, our advisors will present you with a shortlist of candidates to be screened using our extensive database, online resources and Advisory Group’s broad network.

Candidate Interview by Advisors

Our advisors will meet with shortlisted candidates to discuss the role directly with them, while carefully evaluating their experience, skill set, language proficiency, interest in the role and their “culture fit” with the client company. Our advisors will recommend screened candidates to the client company and will arrange for back-to-back candidate interviews in our office or at your office.

Interview Negotiation

Throughout the recruitment process, our advisors will provide feedback to both the client company and the candidates. If the client company decides to make an offer of employment to the candidate, our advisors will negotiate the conditions of employment between the candidate and the client such as annual compensation, working conditions, start date.


Once the hiring decision is finalized and an employment offer is signed, Advisory Group’s fee will be invoiced on the date the candidate signs the employment offer. Should the candidate leave the client company for personal reasons within a certain period of hiring, a free replacement will be provided.

Post-Hiring Aftercare Services

We take a long-term view. Following each successful introductions, our advisors maintain regular contact with client company and candidate to ensure that both parties are meeting each other’s expectations.

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Shinji Tashiro
Shinji Tashiro
12 December 2023
Team of Advisory Group are really helpful, sincere, and excellent. When I got lost in finding job, the team have always been by my side with adequate advise and opportunities. They are a great team. I would like to say thank you very much for everything, Jessica, Gunnar ... Best wishes.
Virgin Lee
Virgin Lee
18 October 2023
Would definitely recommend Advisory Group for job hunters!! All the agents did their best to provide as much support as needed and they didn't give up on me till I got the job i wanted. They are all such nice and friendly people. I had a really great experience working with Advisory Group, especially Tamara and Lex! Thank you guys so much!
Ashleigh Pai
Ashleigh Pai
13 September 2023
Before I began my job search, I was in contact with several staffing agencies. The Advisory Group showed the most proactive attitude, genuinely listened to my needs, and introduced me the most suitable positions. I want to especially thank Jennifer, Charles, and Yuriko for their dedicated assistance in finding a job that fits me well. I highly recommend them to anyone currently seeking employment.
Sophie Nguyen
Sophie Nguyen
13 September 2023
Advisory’s guidance and support and also after-service after on-boarding is really good. I would recommend their service to anyone who is looking for a better job opportunities in the future!
Max S
Max S
5 June 2023
The Advisory Group members are prompt, polite, friendly and true professionals. One of the very best agencies I’ve ever got help from. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and acquaintances Thank you Tamara and Charles!
Yuuki S
Yuuki S
17 June 2022
Highly recommended especially for moms who have gaps in their careers. I had five-year gap in my career and got a manager position which was equivalent of my previous job title-wise thanks to the team. One of the very best agencies I’ve ever got help from.
Itachi Christian
Itachi Christian
23 March 2022
The Advisory Group members are active, thoughtful and very quick in terms of securing interviews I have worked with the Advisory Group's agents, namely Rina, Tash and Jenifer; all whom supports me dearly I would highly recommend the Advisory Group for your next job search!
Tomoaki Togo
Tomoaki Togo
16 January 2022
in a moment i need a quick solution to find a new job, the company deliver exactly what I need.. When recruiter was not yet convinced of my capability, the company assisted the recruiter to clear their concern.. the company represented my self to negotiate compensation with the recruiter, so that I was able to get best possible deal for that role. Based on the xperiences I think they deserve 5 stars from me. So thank you.